2018 Bozen/Bolzano Presentations

Overview of all contributions to the VETNET at the ECER 207 in Copenhagen. Links to the PDF of the slides  (if available) and to the abstracts on the EERA website are provided. Overview of the program.

02 SES 01 A, VETNET Opening Session

02 SES 04 C, VETNET VET-research Framework

Chair: Lázaro Moreno Herrera

VETNET VET-research framework, Christof Nägele  Barbara Stalder  Gessler Michael  Lorenz Lassnigg  Lázaro Moreno Herrera

02 SES 08 B, VET-Research: Learning and careers in VET in changing times

Chair: Christof Nägele

VETNET VET-Research: Learning and Careers in VET in changing times, Karen Evans Natasha Kersh Barbara Stalder  Petri Nokelainen  Graham Attwell  Trine Deichman-Sørensen  Benedicte Gendron

02 SES 08 A, Inclusion and Exclusion

Chair: Míriam Abiétar López

On-the-job Trainers, Key-Persons in Inclusion and Exclusion Processes, Nadia Lamamra  Barbara Duc  Roberta Besozzi

Regulated Vocational Education in Germany: Enhancement and Inclusion for Young Adults Seeking an Alternative to School-based Transmission, Gabriela Höhns

Success and dropout pathways in Vocational Education and Training, Míriam Abiétar López  Esperanza Meri Crespo  Elena Giménez Urraco  Aranzazu Grau Muñoz  Elisabet Marco Arocas  Begonya Grau Muñoz

02 SES 08 C, VET-Research: Attractiveness of VET and VET teacher education and training

Chair: Michael Gessler

VETNET VET-Research: Attractiveness of VET and VET teacher education and training, Vibe Aarkrog  Fernando Marhuenda  Matthias Pilz  Lorenz Lassnigg  Lazaro Moreno Herrera  Michael Gessler

02 SES 09 C, At-Risk Careers

Thursday, 2018-09-06, 09:00-10:30, Room: F3.06, Chair: Paula Elizabeth Nogueira Sales

Decision-making Processes Among Potential Dropouts in VET and Adult Learning, Vibe Aarkrog  Kristina Mariager-Anderson  Christian Larsen  Susanne Gottlieb  Bjarne Wahlgren

Preventing school drop-outs in intermediate VET from the schools’ perspective, Carme Pinya  Francesca Salvà Mut  Maria Isabel Pomar-Fiol  Aina Calvo-Sastre

Vocational Youth Education: Transitions from School to Postsecondary Studies and Careers in Brazil and Italy Paula Elizabeth Nogueira Sales

02 SES 10.5, Network Meeting – NW 02 (VETNET)

Thursday, 2018-09-06, 12:00-13:30, Room: F4.01, Chair: Barbara E. Stalder

Network Meeting – NW 02, Christof Nägele  Barbara E. Stalder

02 SES 13 B, Problem VET Governance

Chair: Lorenz Lassnigg

Problems of VET Governance and Scope for Improvement – a Comparative View, Lorenz Lassnigg  Ludger Deitmer  Magdolna Benke  Ursel Hauschildt  Giuseppe Tacconi  Marco Perini

02 SES 14 B, Guidance and Mentoring in VET

Chair: Harm Biemans

The Voice Of The Protagonist In The Process Of Educational Guidance, María-Dolores Eslava-Suanes  Ignacio González-López  Carlota de León-Huertas

Multicultural understanding in the education of Health- care workers, Oddhild Bergsli  Ellen Beate Hellne-Halvosen

Professional knowledge, Kaija-Liisa Magnussen