New blogs on the ECER 2019 and on the VETNET network

Last week the ECER 2019 conference took place at the University of Hamburg. Once again, the VETNET network for European research in vocational education and training (VET) was present with a strong program. And once again, the historian of VETNET, Pekka Kämäräinen, has written a series of blogs to wrap up his experiences. This time the Vetnetsite publishes three blog posts here on Vetnetsite.

The first blog focuses on the traditional VETNET Opening Session with which the VETNET network starts its conference program. Pekka informs firstly of the background of this tradition. Then he gives insights into the invited speech of Mr Matthias Havekost, the head of training at the Airbus sites in Germany.

The second blog gives an overview on organisational developments in the VETNET network and on the achievements during the recent years.

The third blog gives insights into debates and conceptual developments in different phases of the community building.