Conference Bursary for Emerging East European Researchers

The Edge Foundation is planning to sponsor the participation of 3-4 emerging researchers from East Europe, who would participate at ECER with a research presentation and in a panel discussion. See below for outline of the panel session. If you know someone who may be interested in this, please ask them to send Andrea Laczik ( a brief outline of their proposed research presentation (max 300 words).

The bursary will be 600 Euro/person which will be reimbursed after ECER, to cover the conference registration fee and some other costs.

Many Eastern European countries experience considerable changes in their vocational education and training (VET) systems; hence research in this area is vital. There is clear interest in policy developments and practices of VET (McGrath, Mulder, Papier, & Suart, 2018; Corner, 2015). 

However, this is not reflected in the participation of East European VET researchers in VETNET (Network 2) at the ECER (European Conference for Educational Research) and at the Emerging Researchers Conference of the EERA. First, the proposed panel discussion aims at engaging with emerging East European researchers about recent VET research in their regions, encouraging the contribution of those who are not regular participants. Secondly, during the panel discussion, a broad overview of research in Eastern European countries will be given. The main focus of the panel will be to put a spotlight on four examples of high-quality VET research from three to four East European countries. The panel will facilitate both the scientific discussion of the presented pieces of research and finding potential ways of future participation of colleagues from Eastern European countries in VETNET.

Thank you all for your help in advance.

Dr Andrea Laczik – Head of Research, The Edge Foundation, 44 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2RH,

McGrath, S., Mulder, M., Papier, J. and Suart, R. (eds.) (2018) International handbook of vocational education and training for the changing world of work. Springer.
Corner, T. (ed.) (2015) Education around the world. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.