2017 Copenhagen Presentations

Overview of all contributions to the VETNET at the ECER 207 in Copenhagen. Links to the PDF of the slides  (if available) and to the abstracts on the EERA website are provided. Overview of the program.

Tuesday, 2017-08-22

VETNET Opening Session: Reflecting Trends and Challenges in Nordic VET-systems

PDF Introduction
Barbara Stalder & Christof Nägele

PDF A Danish perspective on VET: current challenges and recent changes (2019)
Vibe Aarkrog

PDF What can be learned from the Nordic VET-systems? (2098)
Christian Helms Jørgensen

PDF Comments from Stephanie Allais and Lorenz Lassnigg

Equity and Inclusion in VET

PDF Race, Vocational Education and Training, Learner Experience (351)
James Avis, Kevin Orr, Serena Johnson, Paul Warmington

PDF How Inclusive Is VET In Switzerland? (876)
Marlise Kammermann, Ursula Scharnhorst

Wednesday, 2017-08-23

Crossing Boundaries and Bridging Divides in VET

PDF Bridging Divides – Curriculum Studies and Empirical Work for a Sustainable VET (172)
Lázaro Moreno Herrera, Åsa Broberg, Jonas Gustafsson

PDF Educational Coaching In 4th Grade of Secondary Education: A Case Study (1871)
María-del-Henar Pérez-Herrero, Joaquin-Lorenzo Burguera, Marta Virgós-Sánchez

Thursday, 2017-08-24

Network Meeting

PDF Network Meeting (2727)
Christof Nägele & Barbara Stalder

Pathways into VET and beyond

PDF The institutional divide between VET and higher education in Norway: Tracing the historical background (1442)
Håkon Høst, Ingvild Reymert, Vera Schwach

PDF How to Promote Students’ Transitions in VET? (528)
Harm Biemans, Hans Mariën, Erik Fleur, Tanya Beliaeva, Hilde Tobi, Loek Nieuwenhuis

Integrating the excluded

PDF Training and coaching in SMEs – Work Integration Companies in Spain (1213)
Fernando Marhuenda, María José Chisvert-Tarazona, Alicia Ros

PDF VET Teachers’ Practices of Integration for Migrant and Refugee Students (1959)
Gun-Britt Wärvik, Sarojni Choy, Karin Lumsden Wass, Tasha Riley

PDF Labour market integration of refugees in the Swiss labour market (1584)
Antje Barabasch, Seraina Leumann, Ursula Scharnhorst

Friday, 2017-08-25