Competence 2016 Wageningen. Competence Theory, Research and Practice

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honour to present you the programme of the conference ‘Competence Theory, Research and Practice’, which will take place in Wageningen from October 19th to 21st.  The conference will be held at the Campus of Wageningen University & Research. You will find the programme attached.

There will be over 150 participants, from 27 countries, from all continents. There will be 39 sessions with a total of 128 paper presentations. There will be keynote speeches of Mrs. Yvette van Wagtendonk of the Korn Ferry Hay Group in the Netherlands, Prof. dr. Reinhold Weiss of the Bibb in Germany, and Mr. João Santos, of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

The following themes will be discussed during the conference:

  • competence management and development, with presentations on management and leadership competence, training and development, team learning and performance improvement;
  • competence-based education systems, including competence in crisis, challenges in reform in VET systems, legislation and its effect, occupational science, and permeability of VET and HE;
  • competence assessment, such as for modeling and measurement of teachers’ competence, and computer-based assessment of problem solving competence;
  • emerging developments in competence domains such as argumentation competence, 21st century skills, oral presentation, entrepreneurship and creativity;
  • boundary crossing competence and their learning environments, including the role of inter- and transdisciplinary research;
  • and sustainability competence and transition in school and work settings and in higher education.

All information about the conference can be found on the conference website

We thank Mr. Geert van Rumund, Mayor of Wageningen, to welcome us to Wageningen, and Prof. dr. Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University, to welcome us at the Wageningen University Campus.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

With best wishes, on behalf of the Organization Committee,

Martin Mulder
Harm Biemans
Renate Wesselink
Nicolette Tauecchio
Jolanda Hendriks