VET in the Spotlight – Crossing Boundaries Conference in Valencia

On May 2nd and 3rd, the 3rd Crossing Boundaries in VET conference took place in Valencia, Spain. The thematic focus of the conference was: “Pedagogical Concerns and Market Demands”. There were 65 papers presented and over 100 people attended the conference. There was considerable participation of Spanish researchers, from the universities of Coruña, Santiago, Tarragona, Castellón, Barcelona, Palma and Zaragoza, as well as VET practitioners and policymakers.

The conference attracted researchers from Europe, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and the USA.

The conference was perfectly organised by Prof. Dr Fernando Marhuenda and his team. The Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences and the Department of Didactics and School Organization from the University of Valencia, as well as its research group Transitions, and the Bankia Fundación para la Formación Dual financed the conference. The conference had a huge echo in the media: national and local newspapers and radio stations, as well as the local TV, reported on the event.

The Proceedings of the conference are available for download online and can be ordered as book through

Save the date: The next Crossing Boundaries Conference will be in Switzerland from 08 to 09 April 2021.

Crossing Boundaries 2019 in the media
Newspapers: Levante, e3, La Vangurdia, alEconomista
Radio: Cope (minute 40:36 onwards), Ser, Apunt (minute 12 onwards)
TV: À Punt (minute 17.50 onwards)
and a report on the website of the University of Valencia

Crossing Boundaries 2017 in Rostock2015 in Bremen