EAPRIL conference on corporate learning

EAPRIL is a non-profit organisation that supports the collaboration between research and practitioners in the field of Education and Corporate Learning. Our upcoming event Moving Corporate Learning from Good to Great‘, will take place November 23, 2015 in Belval (Luxembourg). Representatives from international organisations, such as Danone (France), Bosch (Germany), Rentokil Ltd (U.K.) and KPMG (Luxembourg), are being invited to lead a transformational lab, accompanied by a leading researcher from the field of corporate learning. In this highly interactive format, solutions are co-created for your organisational learning challenges. The following labs are organised: 1. What is a truly integrated learning approach and how could it be implemented? 2. How can an improved approach to the provision of learning opportunity such as CPD transform the mind-set and requirements of regulators and internal corporate risk management? 3. How to support business transformation by enabling various co-creation practices? 4. How can a company align its internal organisation on diversity issues? 5. How can entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship programmes enhance a company’s performance and its adaptability to changes in the economic environment? 6. To what extent do social media practices of ‘Generation Y (digital natives)’ lead to new forms and practices of management and leadership? – More information? Check out www.movingcorporatelearningfromgoodtogreat.com
(Information by L&W Newsletter, oosted by Margaux De Vos <margaux.devos@eapril.org>)