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The OECD skills and work blog is a platform that aims to share leading analysis related to the skills of the workforce, how skills are used at work, the mismatch between skills and jobs’ requirements, how countries assess and respond to changing skill needs and other issues related to skills and work.

Contributors include mainly experts in skills and labour markets in the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Recent posts:

  • What is an apprenticeship? 14. September 2020 11:22
    Country comparisons are built on good data, and good data are built on clear definitions. A new OECD working paper argues that a precise definition of what constitutes an “apprenticeship” is needed to collect internationally comparable data that can facilitate cross-country comparisons and, by extension, support evidence-based policy making. … More What is an apprenticeship?
  • World Youth Skills Day – How VET provides young people with valuable skills 15. July 2020 4:00
    By Glenda Quintini and Marieke Vandeweyer Vocational Education and Training can be a useful pathway into jobs for young people. Young people who graduate from upper-secondary VET experience smoother school-to-work transitions than those who leave school with general degrees at the same education level. International good practices provide directions on how to prolong the benefits … More World Youth Skills Day – How VET provides young people with valuable skills
  • More and better training in Korean SMEs 16. June 2020 14:12
    by Alessia Forti Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Korean economy, representing 99.9% of firms and providing 80% of business sector jobs. Yet, they lag behind large companies when it comes to productivity and working conditions. Adult learning can reduce these gaps, by helping SMEs to increase their productivity and ensuring … More More and better training in Korean SMEs
  • What can we learn from successful adult learning reforms? 13. March 2020 7:37
    Drawing on the experience of six countries (Austria, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands and Singapore) that have significantly increased participation in adult learning over the past decades, the OECD has identified the main factors behind successful policies and programmes. Join the webinar at 2pm CET today to learn more about key lessons that emerge from the report: https://meetoecd1.zoom.us/j/312142211 … More What can we learn from successful adult learning reforms?
  • How Germany is Unlocking the Potential of Migrants through Vocational Education and Training 14. February 2020 6:37
    The German vocational education and training (VET) system is admired around the world for its ability to prepare young people for skilled employment. This blog focuses on an unprecedented test of the German VET system: how to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by the significant increase in migrants who arrived in the country in 2015-16. … More How Germany is Unlocking the Potential of Migrants through Vocational Education and Training
  • Is adult learning in Portugal future ready? 9. October 2019 8:30
    Structural changes such as population ageing, globalisation, technological change, and the rise in non-standard work, are changing skills needs in the Portuguese labour market. These trends are putting the Portuguese’s adult learning system under mounting strain, even more so than in other OECD countries. … More Is adult learning in Portugal future ready?
  • Australia: adapting to changing demand for skills 2. October 2019 9:51
    Two recent OECD reports shed light on Australia’s response to changing demand for skills. They outline how by continuing to make improvements in the way Australia assesses and responds to changing skills needs, the country can reinforce its commitment to supporting workers in transition and provide an example of good practice for other countries. … More Australia: adapting to changing demand for skills
  • Work-based learning within school-based VET: Lessons from Sweden 12. April 2019 14:25
    Episodes of work-based learning (WBL) are essential to effective school-based vocational education, making provision more attractive and relevant to learners and employers. The recent OECD VET review of Sweden describes a clear model for integrating WBL within upper-secondary VET and highlights key issues in ensuring its consistent high quality. … More Work-based learning within school-based VET: Lessons from Sweden
  • Creating inclusive adult learning opportunities in South Africa 14. March 2019 12:24
    South Africa has a large pool of unemployed adults with low levels of educational attainment. At the same time, training opportunities for adult are very limited. The new OECD report Getting Skills Right: Community Education and Training in South Africa looks at the role that the newly created community education and training system could play in improving access to inclusive adult learning opportunities. … More Creating inclusive adult learning opportunities in South Africa
  • Adult Learning in Italy: what role for training funds? 11. March 2019 13:01
    To cope with the increased skill demands of a knowledge-based economy and longer working lives, many adults in Italy will need training that helps them maintain and further develop their skills. Italy’s Training Funds represent an important tool for equipping adults with the skills needed to thrive in the labour market. However, they face several challenges and more could be done to ensure that they are put to their most effective use. … More Adult Learning in Italy: what role for training funds?