Programme ECER / VETNET available

The programme (almost 90 presentations in 30 sessions!) of the annual ECER / VETNET Conference 2016 (23 august 2016 to 26 august 2016, Dublin) is available.

Topics are e.g.

  • VETNET Opening Session: Reflections on VET from Local and European Perspectives
  • Reflections on VET: Looking to the Future
  • VET Teachers Initial Education and Training
  • Analytical Lens on VET: Social Justice and Inequality
  • Transitions: Becoming and Being
  • VET and Development of Competence
  • Workplace Learning: Development of Identity
  • VETNET Round Table: Strengths and Weaknesses of Dual Training Systems in Europe
  • New Technology Development in VET
  • Is There Something Like a Nordic Model of VET? Findings from a Comparative Project
  • VET and Higher Education

You can find the programme here.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon in Dublin.