Wrapping up the ECER 2017 experience – Part One: Thematic overview

When reporting on ECER 2017 I ended up writing six blog posts (including this overview). Therefore, I preferred to prepare firstly an overview. With each of the themes to be covered I have also different role positions and interests of knowledge that characterise the post:

  • Firstly, in my own presentation on “Begleitforschung” (Accompanying research) I reflected on our work in the Learning Layers project and on the follow-up of its construction pilot;
  • Secondly, I followed the discussions on European/national qualification frameworks and in studies on credit transfer – in current projects and in the VETNET sessions of the past;
  • Thirdly, I got engaged in discussions on vocational teacher education and on the role of practice-based learning (= practicum) phases – in current contexts and as topics of our previous European projects;
  • Fourthly, I observed discussions on ‘multi-methodological practices’ and perspective transformations in research on vocational education and training (VET) – in the light of current studies and earlier (implicit) agreements on European VET research (within the VETNET community);
  • Finally, I provided an update on recent news and developments in the VETNET community.

To me these were the key themes that I could cover – and at the same time revisit my own experience as a presenter, session chair or active participant in the discussion.