Joint Cedefop/OECD publication on ‘The next steps for apprenticeship’ & Call for papers for the 2021 joint Cedefop-OECD symposium on Apprenticeships for greener economies and societies

The joint Cedefop and OECD publication on The next steps for apprenticeship is now online

Contributions of 16 authoring teams from Europe, Australia, Canada and the US look at the future of apprenticeship from the perspective of emerging policy objectives, new approaches to education and training and external megatrends.

Authors examine how apprenticeship is or may be affected by external megatrends, linked to various long-term structural trends that transform the world of work and education profoundly. They also offer insights on scenarios for the future development of apprenticeship, its emerging relationship to higher education, its orientation towards attractiveness and excellence and the (often ambiguous) impact of policy reforms on apprenticeship provision and design.

Findings and messages included in this publication will contribute to informing political decisions which shape the futures of the current generation of apprentices.

We are pleased to announce that the call for papers for the 2021 joint Cedefop-OECD symposium on Apprenticeships for greener economies and societies is now open. Deadline for abstract submissions: 3 May.

Cedefop’s work also contributes to the ongoing EU debates on apprenticeship quality, three years after the adoption of the Council Recommendation on the European Framework for quality and effective apprenticeship. See our latest publications on the analysis of apprenticeship schemes against several of the Framework criteria, the need for comparable statistics on apprenticeship participation and the importance of having a clear identity and purpose for apprenticeship.

Vlasis Korovilos
CEDEFOP, Expert, Department for Learning and Employability