Book review: History of Vocational Education and Training in Europe: Cases, Concepts and Challenges, 2016, edited by Esther Berner and Philipp Gonon

The book consists of 29 chapters written by 38 authors. The overarching purpose is to provide a historical context for the development of vocational education and training (VET)-systems in Europe as this will aid in cross-country comparative studies where lack of historical context can lead to inaccuracies in comparisons. The basis for the contents are presentations given at a 2014 conference in Zurich with the same title as the book as well as some further chapters to provide a fuller picture. The VET systems covered by the book are: Austria, Denmark, England (and UK), Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, some once others in multiple chapters from di erent perspectives. As the subtitle reads, it is divided into three parts: concepts, cases and current challenges.

You find the full review from Dr. Ruhi Tyson on IJRVET.

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