New Special Issue on Internationalization of Vocational Education and Training—Advances and Developments

Provided by Prof. Matthias Pilz, University of Cologne, Germany, and member of VETNET.

New Special Issue published in The International Journal of Training and Development (IJTD). Free download available:

The question of the internationalization and transferability of Vocational Education and Training (VET) system approaches and the possibility of VET export play a major role in international VET cooperation. Particularly in German‐speaking countries with a very distinctive and well‐established VET system, this topic is continuously discussed. At the same time, the latest research findings regarding feasibility, successes already achieved, challenges to be overcome and long‐term feasibility of VET international transfer are very limited. This special issue addresses this shortcoming and aims to bring together findings from different research projects addressing the topic of the internationalization and transferability of VET systems. To this end, the findings from eight contributions are presented and discussed.